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The Listening Field is your invitation to commit to your sound healing practice and to share your passion for Voice Work. This space is created to support and promote sound healing practitioners and the work of sound healing. 

I feel I have been called provide a space for those who have completed the Sound Healing Practitioner Training with the Voice diploma to gather with the focus on supporting each other and the work.

  • Give us time to practise and experience sound together, building strong sound wisdom and awareness.
  • Share experiences
  • Provide mentorship and supervision
  • Create a strong network of sound healers in the country.
  • Maintain and strengthen the bonds created during the training.


a community space for you to  be at home within yourself and your practice


a space to listen more deeply and connect with your original intention


continue to expand this work in yourself, your community and beyond

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The Listening Field is a space created to support and promote sound healing practitioners and the work of sound healing. 

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the benefits...


  • Become a¬†bija¬†(seed) member of this unique community
  • Nourishing your development¬†as a sound practitioner
  • Supporting your own practice through¬†peer support and connection
  • Ongoing¬†insights and learning
  • Discounts¬†for additional training and workshops run by Lucia or Guest trainers
  • Remain part of a¬†community¬†committed to sound and healing
  • Continue your sound journey through¬†mentoring with Lucia
  • Sacred Supervision Sessions¬†with Lucia available to communtiy members only
  • Networking and promoting¬†within the community
  • Newsletter Spotlight¬†and¬†Member Directory¬†on Listening Field website
  • Being in service to the ONE Primordial Sound

frequently asked questions...

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The Listening field is a community for Sound Healers to connect in a like-hearted community, grow themselves, deepen their own practice and expand their businesses as Sound Healers in private practice. 

The Listening Field is for Sound Healers who truly want to make a difference in their own lives, within the lives of their clients and in the world. 

As a community, we will meet online on a regular basis, to support each other. Belonging to a supportive community when in private practice is an essential part of a successful practice. 


‚ā¨35 / m

Monthly Commitment

  • Monthly Community Call¬†
  • Peer Connection and Support
  • Promotion of your sound practice¬†
  • Sacred Supervision Session¬†(paid)
  • Discounts¬†to selected events and workshops
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