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I’m so glad you’ve landed on this page, and you’re interested in finding out a little more about me and the Listening Field. 

My name is Lucia Guerin and I am passionate about helping people to find more freedom, balance and peace in their lives. 

Using the tools of sound, movement, poetry, breathwork and a deep focus on compassionate, non-judgement communication.

I am committed to supporting people like you to access what is already within you to transform your life and live a life you love.

I have trained and studied with some incredible teachers over the past 15 years, all with the common goal of transformation, an inner and outer journey to find spiritual, physical and emotional freedom.

As far back as I remember. I have been curious and interested in how people work. I spent more time trying to understand other people’s needs and wishes than my own! I come from a large Irish family where there was little time for each individual child, I had little understanding of myself, where I ended and my siblings began! For much of my early life, I spent more time trying to gain acceptance and love from outside of me. I really didn’t know who I was or what I loved, I felt disconnected from myself and in truth others also.

It’s probably no surprise that, in my thirties, my life literally hit a brick wall and I couldn’t see the way through. In an effort to understand and rediscover or remember who I really was, I knew I had to go look deep within, deeper than the rational mind, deeper than the years of conditioning and get closer to the source of myself. This uncovering began through working with my voice, then through movement, sound and poetry. It was immense, a gradual peeling away of old beliefs, social, cultural and familial condition, letting go of judgements, doubts and the real truth of who I am began to reveal itself.

My journey of discovery and transformation continued into the world of sound and breath and stillness. In 2019 I began a life-long wish of training in Yoga. I had been practicing yoga on and off since my early twenties, and always had a calling to dive deeper into understanding the science of yoga. During my studies, I realised that all of the modalities I’d been studying came together in Yoga, in the deepest sense of this ancient wisdom practice. My work is not only the physical yoga practice that we’re all so familiar with, but it’s the yoga of the breath, the yoga of sound, the yoga of devotion. And so, a framework for all that I have learned began to take depth and shape. 

In 2023 I created the Listening Field and it is my honour and privilege to continue to share this work with you, in the hope that you too can uncover and release your doubts, your old beliefs and patterns and reveal the true gem that is you so that you can open to the life that you deserve.

May you be well. May you be happy. May you be at peace.

Ways we can work together


Become a certified Sound Healing Practitioner. Diploma is certified by the College of Sound Healing and tutor Lucia Guerin (Sheehan). Next training starts 17th/18th February 2024.

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a space for those who have completed the Sound Healing Practitioner Training with the Voice diploma to gather with the focus on supporting each other and the work.

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1:1 Sessions and Events

My sessions and events focus on your health and well-being. It can be personal preference to work with sound, breath, poetry or yoga. Get in touch via my contact page for events.

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