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Poetry is the language of the soul, it has the ability to bypass the rational mind and sink deeper into your heart, to sooth, to reveal, to heal. Poems help you wake up, pay attention, and look at the world and yourself in new ways. It may be how the poet uses language, images, metaphors, even structure and punctuation that ‘catches the heart off guard’ and in that instant a deeper truth is revealed.

In a poetry medicine session, you choose a poem as your teacher and a vehicle of self-discovery, healing and transformation. You can work with a poem you already know, or we can discover one together. I will be your ally as you dive into the medicine of your chosen poem, deeply listening and intuitively guiding you into a deeper discovery yourself. 


“When the inner and the outer are wedded, revelation occurs” 


This isn’t an intellectual analysis of a poem nor a poetry writing type of session. You don’t even have to love poetry for this to be a really effective treatment! Curious? Contact me for more information and an initial consultation. I recommend a minimum of three sessions to delve deeply into this journey.


"I have always loved poetry. Or at least reading poems silently to myself. Working with Lucia on Poetry Medicine has opened a new world of poetry as a place to go to when thoughts and feelings need to be rearranged and a new personal truth can emerge. Lucia has a real gift to facilitate this emergence within a safe space. I highly recommend Lucia as a very knowledgeable and intuitive guide who walks the talk of poetry."

Martin O’Connor

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